Best Doctors, Inc. of Boston, Massachusetts, was founded with one goal — to help people be sure they get the best medical care.
Our founders, professors of medicine from Harvard Medical School, had the vision of combining access to the best medical information with the best medical insurance.
We partner with top reinsurers, including Munich Re and other highly rated reinsurers.
Best Doctors Insurance Limited is registered in Bermuda, a British Crown Colony, one of the world’s most closely regulated and respected insurance markets. Its policyholder protection laws ensure that our members have the security and peace of mind of knowing that our reserves, investments and accounting procedures meet strict requirements.
We are one of the fastest growing and most experienced health insurers in the market. Our plans are easy to understand and built around the idea that getting the right care should be the starting point of any insurance. And we include a world-class claims process, meaning when you need to focus on your health, you can be confident your claims are paid and your reimbursements are made quickly and accurately.
With more than 20 years experience in the market, Best Doctors has worked with the world's leading medical experts and institutions to help more than 25 million people in 45 countries be sure they have the very best medical care.
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